Extech Multi-Type Calibrator Thermometer – 433201

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This multi-type calibrator thermometer can source and measure 8 thermocouple types including Type K, J, T, E, C, R, S and N. With a folding screen and displays in temp or mV.

Extech Multi-Type Calibrator Thermometer – 433201

Source and measure 8 thermocouple type devices including Type J, K, T, E, C, R, S and N


  • Five stored calibration values for fast calibrations
  • Large LCD display built into adjustable cover
  • Versatile thermometer measures over a wide temperature range
  • Displays output in terms of mV or °F/°C temperature
  • Comes complete with:
    • Type K thermocouple calibration cable
    • Copper calibration cable
    • 9V rechargeable battery
    • Neck Strap
    • Universal AC adaptor/charger
    • Case
  • 1 year warranty

The Multi-Type Calibrator Thermometer is designed specially to source and measure thermocouples. 8 different thermocouple types can be calibrated including Type J, K, E, T, C, R, S and N thermocouples. This sourcing meter displays its output in either mV or °F/°C temperature.

When in measurement mode it clearly displays the thermocouple measurements in either °F/°C. With simple controls and a folding screen for safe transport and storage this meter has been designed to be durable and long lasting. The 433201 Multi-Type Calibrator Thermometer User Manual is attached to this page to answer any additional questions.


  • Type J: -58 to 1830°F (-50 to 1000°C)
  • Type K: -58 to 2498°F (-50 to 1370°C)
  • Type T: -184 to 752°F (-270 to 400°C)
  • Type E: -58 to 1382°F (-50 to 750°C)
  • Type C: 32 to 4172°F (0 to 2300°C)
  • Type R: 32 to 3182°F (0 to 1750°C)
  • Type S: 32 to 3182°F (0 to 1750°C)
  • Type N: -58 to 2372°F (-50 to 1300°C)
  • Voltage: -5.00mV to +55.00mV 10μV
  • Resolution: 0.1° (up to 999.9) or 1° (over 999.9°)
  • Cold Junction Compensation: 0.03°C/°C (0.02°F/°F)
  • Input Impedance: 10 Mohm
  • Sampling Time: 4 times/second
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 4.2 x 1.8" (96 x 108 x 45mm)
  • Weight: 17oz

Unit Ship Weight: 1.5 lbs

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