Extech Power Quality Analyzer 3000A Harmonics PQ3350-3

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This power analyzer measures up to 35 parameters and includes the added ability to record up to 52428 records and download then data to a PC. Comes with 3000A 24" flexible current probe.

Extech Power Quality Analyzer 3000A Harmonics PQ3350-3

Power Measurements and Analysis + Data logging of single and 3-Phase/3-wire or 3-Phase/4-wire systems


  • 3000A 24” flexible current clamp probe
  • Large backlighting LCD displays up to 35 parameters in one screen
  • Clamp-on True RMS power measurements with on-screen Harmonics display
  • Simultaneous display of Voltage and Current waveforms
  • Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F)
  • Maximum Demand (MDkW, MW, KVA, MVA) with programmable period
  • Adjustable CT ratio (1 to 600) and VT ratio (1 to 3000)
  • Graphic Phase diagram with 3-Phase system parameters
  • 3-Phase voltage or current unbalanced ratio (VUR, AUR) and unbalanced factor
  • Calculated Unbalanced Current through neutral line (In)
  • Captures 28 transient events (including dip, swell and outage) with programmable threshold (%)
  • Optically isolated USB interface with software to download Waveforms, Power Parameters and Harmonics

Power quality is simply determined by the way power that is produced interacts with the appliance connected to it. If power supplied fits inside of the parameters that the device can safely function then the power quality is sufficient. If there are voltages and variations outside of that range then possible damage or malfunctioning can occur.

Anything from the amplitude of the voltage to harmonics and unexpected distortions can play a role in power quality. The only way to combat these problems is either make the power “cleaner” or make the devices “tougher”. When dealing with sensitive pieces of equipment it is important to know the power quality being produced.

This meter measures a multitude of parameters including AC voltage and current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, phase, harmonics, crest factor and energies. All of these variables tested together give a complete picture of the power quality. This meter has the added ability to record (data log) information on these parameters and then download it to a PC for further analysis and graphing.

This kit includes 3000A 24” flexible current clamp probe for wrapping around bus bars and oddly shaped conductors. This is a complete system for power quality testing and is trusted by professionals. The PQ3350-1 Power Quality Analyzer User Manual is attached to this page to answer any further questions.


  • ACV (True rms): 600V
  • AC Current: 3000A
  • Active Power: (kW) 9.999MW
  • Apparent Power: (kVA) 9999kVA
  • Reactive Power: (kVAR) 9999kVAR
  • Power Factor: 0.0 to +1.00
  • Frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Phase: -180.0°~ 0°~ +180.0°
  • Harmonics: 1 to 99
  • Crest Factor: 1.00 to 99.99
  • Peak AC Voltage accuracy: ±(5%rdg+30d)
  • Peak AC Current accuracy: ±(5%rdg+30d)
  • Active Power Energy (kWh): 0mWh to 999,999kWh
  • Reactive Power Energy (kVARh): 0.0kVARh to 1000MWh
  • Data logging: 52428 records (single phase)/17476 records (3 phase)
  • Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.1 x 2.3" (257 x 155 x 57mm)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs (1160g)

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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