Extech Restoration Contractor’s Kit 4 Meter – MO280-RK

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This kit features 4 meters each one specifically designed for moisture and atmospheric testing. Together they make a complete testing kit great for restoration and construction projects.

Extech Restoration Contractor’s Kit 4 Meter – MO280-RK

A complete solution for the restoration contractor measuring moisture in multiple ways

The kit includes:

  • Model MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter
    • Select from 10 different wood types
    • Displays %moisture from 0 to 99%
    • Measurement depth to 0.75" (22mm) below the surface
  • Model MO220 Wood Moisture Meter
    • Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrations for approximately 170 species of wood
    • Measures wood moisture from 6 to 99.9%
    • Measurements can be taken using the integral pin electrodes or a heavy duty remote probe (included)
  • Model RH490 Precision Hygro-Thermometer
    • Measures Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Absolute Humidity, GPP (grains per pound/grains per kilogram)
    • Less than 30 second RH response time with 2%RH accuracy
  • Model RHT10 Humidity/Temperature USB Data logger
    • Data logs 16,000 RH and 16,000 Temperature readings
    • User-programmable sampling rate and alarm thresholds
    • RHT10-SW software included for GPP calculations and USB interface for data download
  • Kit is supplied in a rugged heavy duty hard carrying case that provides protection and organization for the meters and accessories

This kit is specially designed to diagnose moisture content in buildings by measuring the atmospheric moisture levels as well as the moisture levels of the building materials themselves. With the ability to precisely measure the moisture levels of both the wood and the atmosphere this kit gives a complete picture of the moistures facing the building. Appropriate action can then be taken to either replace vulnerable wood or to dry out the building.

This information can tell what the moisture level has historically been in the building and can give information on what should be done to restore or reverse the moisture levels. This kit is also great for testing atmospheric levels in barns, warehouses, residences and labs.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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