Flock Reflector Bird Repelling System

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Wind powered spinning reflector that naturally startles and confuses birds. With an effective radius of 50' within sight of the reflector.

Flock Reflector Bird Repelling System 




  • Wind powered spinning reflector startles and repels birds

  • Weatherproof design for permanent outdoor use


  • Repels birds within a 50 ft sight radius

  • Quick and easy installation with suction cups, screws or adhesive

  • Extra hole in base allows for 45° mounting angle ideal for fence posts or sides of buildings

  • Uses include buildings, docks, agricultural applications, recreational areas and more

  • Passive system requires no electricity and uses nature to repel birds


The Flock Reflector Bird Repelling System is designed to use the wind and sun to startle and repel birds. The highly polished cups are spun by the passing breeze which creates and startling reflection that makes birds uneasy.


The same concept as a scarecrow except much more attractive and easy to install in practically any location. It is a safe, natural way of keeping birds at bay and requires no batteries or power cords to use. 


The Flock Reflector can be suction cupped to a smooth surface or screwed or glued to any other surface. It is ideal for use anywhere outdoors and should be placed somewhere with a long line of sight of nearby bird populations. 




  • Deterrent Type: Visual
  • Coverage: 50’ radius per reflector
  • Dimensions: 11” Wide (top) x 12” High
  • Power: Sun, wind
  • Materials: Aluminum and plastic
  • Spacing: Place one reflector every 50-60’


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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