Flora Series Starter Kit (9 Piece Kit)

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This starter kit features all of the high quality nutrients and growing additives in the Flora Series. It allows the user to experience the amazing growth potential of the appropriate nutrients and additives.

Flora Series Starter Kit (9 Piece Kit)


Kit Includes:


  • 16 oz FloraMicro
  • 16 oz FloraGro
  • 16 oz FloraBloom
  • 8 oz FloraBlend
  • 8 oz Liquid KoolBloom
  • 4 oz FloraKleen
  • 1 oz RapidStart
  • 1 oz Floralicious Plus
  • 1 oz pH Test Indicator

This starter kit includes everything needed to grow plants in soilless growing media, hydroponics and soil. It includes nutrients to promote healthy growth throughout the entire growth cycle.


This starter kit allows the user to witness the amazing growth that can be produced with the correct nutrients. It also allows the user to pick and choose the best nutrients for their individual needs. Larger quantities of the most popular nutrients can later be used.


Unit Ship Weight: 7 lbs

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