FloraDuo B Bloom Nutrient 1-5-4 (15 Gal.)

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FloraDuo B is designed for the bloom stage of plants and helps to promote great blooms and multiple fruit. It goes great with FloraDuo A for custom nutrient mixtures. NPK ratio of 1-5-4.

FloraDuo B Bloom Nutrient 1-5-4 (15 Gal.)


  • Mineral nutrient specifically designed for the blooming stage of a plants life
  • Promotes excellent blooms and fruit quality
  • High in phosphorus and potassium with a boost of nitrogen
  • NPK ratio: 1-5-4
  • Great for all gardening methods including hydroponics, potted plants in prepared soil mixes, coco blends and even garden soils
  • Provides plants with the nutrients they need for excellent blooming
  • Concentrated formula is mixed with water for feeding to plants

The FloraDuo mineral nutrient mixtures are ideal for growing plants in any medium. Provides plants with the nutrients they need in a readily available form. FloraDuo comes in two different forms, FloraDuo A and FloraDuo B. A is great for promoting vegetative and structural growth for plants where B is designed for promoting healthy blooms.

They can be used in combinations for specific growing stages and the nutrient requirements of the plants. The ability to mix these two nutrients in practically any amount offers a truly customizable nutrient mix.

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