Florakleen Salt Clearing Solution (55 Gal.)

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Florakleen removes fertilizer residue and mineral buildup in hydroponics, growing containers, emitters, sprayers and more. It is highly concentrated and economical for monthly cleaning. A great final flush for hydroponic equipment.

Florakleen Salt Clearing Solution (55 Gal.)




  • Removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils
  • Recommended for use monthly to keep hydroponic or drip systems clear of salts and buildups
  • Ideal for use as a final flush of a growing system to prevent hardening of deposits over periods of storage
  • Highly concentrated mixture is economical
  • Great for maintaining healthy growing environments for plants
  • Ideal for use in both hydroponic, soil based and non-traditional media growing
  • Can be used at any time to dissolve mineral and salt buildup

Florakleen Salt Clearing Solution is designed to quickly and easily dissolve built-up mineral and salt deposits in growing systems. It can be used with hydroponic systems, drip irrigation, growing media and potted soils. This formula should be used monthly in systems that frequently use fertilizers.


Using this mixture keeps emitters, sprayers, pumps, tanks and lines clear of mineral and salt deposits that could otherwise shut down production. It can also be used as a final flush to a growing system to ensure that deposits do not dry and harden over periods of storage. It is versatile, highly concentrated, easy to use and economical for use throughout a growing period.


Note: This product must be ordered in pallet quantities of 4.


Unit Ship Weight: 485 lbs

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