Florikan Advantage Controlled Release Formula 20-4-9 (50 lb Bag)

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This fertilizer features a special controlled release polymer that provides plants with a consistent nutrient source for 6-8 months. It is designed for use with nursery trees, shrubs, and ornamentals but is also beneficial for any plant needing a nitrogen boost.

Florikan Advantage Controlled Release Formula 20-4-9 (50 lb Bag)




  • Slowly releases nutrients to plants over a 6-8 month period
  • Formulated for nursery ornamentals, trees, shrubs and other plants that need a vegetative boost
  • Contains 85% Florikote polymer coated technology that is activated by moisture and uncoated material that delivers a more immediate boost of nutrients
  • Provides nutrients for short, middle, and long term plant growth
  • Speed of release is affected by soil temperature but is designed for an average of 77°F
  • Provides plants with a consistent source of nutrients and eliminates a “feast or famine” growth cycle
  • Nutrient release is not affected by media type or soil pH

Florikan 6-8 Month 20-4-9 Advantage Controlled Release Fertilizer is designed to slowly release a formula that is strong on nitrogen while also including a boost of phosphorus and potassium. It is designed primarily for use with nursery trees, ornamentals, shrubs and practically any other plants that need a quick vegetative boost together with long-term nutrient release.


This formula is designed with a special smooth-surface polymer that slowly releases nutrients over a period of 6-8 months along with uncoated NPK fertilizer for a more immediate boost, making it ideal for feeding plants for an entire growing season. This fertilizer is designed for use as an additive to growing mediums or as a topdressing nutrient.


Florikan Advantages:


  • Controlled release fertilizers have a patented dual reactive layer polymer coating process that was developed in 2004 in conjunction with the Space Alliance Outreach Program administered by NASA
  • It features a smooth exterior coating with no breaks or fissures for a controlled release time
  • Release period is benchmarked to 77°F aver soil temperatures to maintain their integrity and last the stated period of release
  • Ideal for use in almost any climate, even in extreme heat or rainfall
  • Healthier plant growth is achieved as plants are given a consistent source of nutrients
  • Florikan is designed to break the feast or famine cycle that is found with other conventional and inferior slow release formulas
  • Best suited for use in a growing medium or as a topdressing
  • Products are listed as calibrated to the Midwest but are effective in any growing environment

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