Florikan Micro Nutrient Controlled Release Formula (50 lb Bag)

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This fertilizer blend provides a wide range of micro nutrients that are essential to plant growth that are often left out of fertilizers. It is a controlled release formula that feeds plants over a 4-5 month period.

Florikan Micro Nutrient Controlled Release Formula (50 lb Bag)




  • Slowly releases nutrients to plants over a 4-5 month period
  • Provides a blend of essential micronutrients that are not found in other NPK fertilizers
  • Completely uncoated form provides a full range of micro nutrients for immediate use by plants
  • Provides a micro nutrient supplement to any fertilization program
  • Speed of release is affected by soil temperature but is designed for an average of 77°F
  • Provides plants with a consistent source of nutrients and eliminates a “feast or famine” growth cycle
  • Nutrient release is not affected by media type or soil pH

Florikan 4-5 Month Micro Nutrient Fertilizer Blend provides plants with a great source of essential micro nutrients that are often left out of regular NPK fertilizers. This formula is completely uncoated and can be utilized by plants almost immediately. 


It is great for use as a growing medium additive or as a top dressing fertilizer. It comes in a granular form and is great for use with any of our Florikan fertilizers. 


Florikan Advantages:


  • Controlled release fertilizers have a patented dual reactive layer polymer coating process that was developed in 2004 in conjunction with the Space Alliance Outreach Program administered by NASA
  • It features a smooth exterior coating with no breaks or fissures for a controlled release time
  • Release period is benchmarked to 77°F aver soil temperatures to maintain their integrity and last the stated period of release
  • Ideal for use in almost any climate, even in extreme heat or rainfall
  • Healthier plant growth is achieved as plants are given a consistent source of nutrients
  • Florikan is designed to break the feast or famine cycle that is found with other conventional and inferior slow release formulas
  • Best suited for use in a growing medium or as a topdressing
  • Products are listed as calibrated to the Midwest but are effective in any growing environment

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