Florikan Sapphire Time Release Aluminum Sulfate (50 lb Bag)

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This aluminum sulfate growing additive is polymer coated to slowly release the elements for improved plant uptake throughout a 3-4 month period. Great for use with blue hydrangeas.

Florikan Sapphire Time Release Aluminum Sulfate (50 lb Bag)




  • Polymer-coated aluminum sulfate is slowly released for better uptake by plants
  • Lowers pH for blue hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons
  • Not a fertilizer, a color enhancing and pH lowering additive
  • Carefully engineered for maximum plant benefits
  • Comes in a 50 lb bag
  • Keeps blue hydrangeas blue, turns pink and white hydrangeas blue
  • 3-4 month formula

Florikan Sapphire is a 3-4 month time-release aluminum sulfate that is coated with a unique polymer to slowly release the aluminum sulfate into the soil. This time-release feature allows for better uptake by plants and helps to lower the pH for blue hydrangeas along with azaleas and rhododendrons.


The main purpose of this additive is to keep blue hydrangeas blue and to turn pink and white hydrangeas blue. It comes in a 50 lb bag and promotes amazing results throughout the season.


Unit Ship Weight: 50 lbs

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