Flowmaster Flow Volume Measurement Meter 3/8 in

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This flow meter measures the total volume that passes through a specific pipe. It is programmable to keep track of a water filters life and measures in gallons.

Flowmaster Flow Volume Measurement Meter 3/8”


  • Measures how many gallons of water pass through a pipe
  • Great for indicating how many gallons of filtered water emerge from a purification system
  • Programmable volume alert lets the user know when its time to change the filter
  • Keeps track of volume in gallons
  • 3/8” quick connections
  • Great for tracking high volume filtration systems
  • Keeps systems running at their peak capacity and efficiency by notifying the user of the total volume

This meter is great for indicating the total volume of water that flows through a particular water pipe. This is great for many applications including tracking the life of water purification filters and reverse osmosis membranes. As filters and membranes are rated for certain volumes of water over their lifespan and have peak efficiency ratings per hour or day it is important to keep track.

This meter measures the number of gallons that pass through, keeping the user informed of the life of their filters and allowing them to keep their systems running at maximum capacity. It can also be programmed to alert the user when a certain volume of water has passed; keeping the user updated exactly when a filter or membrane has lived out its effectiveness. This meter can keep track of the water usage of a household or particular appliance as well, allowing the user to better regulate water consumption.

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