Folding Boom Sprayer Attachment 18ft Electronic Control

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This boom sprayer attaches to the King's 2 wheel and 4 wheel trailer sprayers. Designed to spray large areas of crops, soil and fields quickly and easily.

Folding Boom Sprayer Attachment 18’ Electronic Control




  • 18’ wide
  • “Electronic” on/off control
  • 3 section folding boom arms
  • Strainers keep sprayers running cleanly
  • Corrosion resistant frame

This folding boom sprayer can be attached to the King’s 2 wheel and 4 wheel trailer sprayers. It is ideal for spraying large swaths of crops, soil and field. This boom is foldable for easy storage and for easy maneuvering.


The frame is corrosion resistant and will last indefinitely. The hose and sprayers are all designed to handle high pressure spraying tasks and potentially corrosive materials.


Spraying Applications:


  • Nutrient application
  • Irrigation
  • Pesticide, fungicide and herbicide application

Unit Ship Weight: 35 lbs (Oversized packaging equivalent to 45 lbs)

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