Forged Back Round Point Steel Shovel W Composite Handle

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Lifetime Warranty. This simple yet rugged design features a TuffFlex composite handle attached to a round point forged steel blade. The forged steel is 12 gauge and is very rugged.

Forged Back Round Point Steel Shovel With TuffFlex Composite Handle

This shovel features a very rugged 12 gauge forged steel blade and a TuffFlex Composite handle. The forged blade is by far the strongest shovel construction technique.

Thick 12 gauge steel means this shovel is good enough even for the toughest jobs. This tight forged design will not bend or allow dirt into areas between the handle and the blade.

The TuffFlex Composite handle is exceedingly strong, and coupled with the forged steel head it makes this a superior shovel to any other.


  • Rounded Forged Steel Blade
  • Handle: TuffFlex Composite
  • 12 Gauge Steel Blade
  • Lifetime Warranty

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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