General Organics Go Box Starter Kit 8 Piece

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This starter kit is designed to provide the user with multiple nutrients and growth enhancers. The user can mix and match these nutrients and experience the amazing growth that can be obtained with the correct nutrients.

General Organics Go Box Starter Kit 8 Piece

Kit Includes:

  • 16 oz BioThrive Grow
  • 16 oz BioThrive Bloom
  • 8 oz CaMg+
  • 8 oz BioRoot
  • 8 oz BioWeed
  • 8 oz BioBud
  • 8 oz BioMarine
  • 8 oz Diamond Black

This starter kit includes 8 of the most popular General Organics growing solutions. It provides a wide selection of nutrients and growth enhancing formulas which allows the user to sample and experience the nutrient benefits. It also allows the user to observe the amazing growth and plant health that can be acquired from using many of these nutrients together. It is ideal for the growers wanting to cover all of their bases.

Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs

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