Glaser Professional Wheel Hoe

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Built with a low center of gravity to give outstanding lateral control, stability and direct transfer of power. Includes an 8" oscillating blade and solid wood handles.

Glaser Professional Wheel Hoe

Comes with 8" oscillating attachment.

The Glaser Professional wheel hoe comes with a wide coverage and heavy-duty chassis for two-jointed oscillating knives (knives and attachments are sold separately).

Special brackets (included) allow you to offset the handles to either side. This model is preferred for tough soil conditions and recommended for professionals and people with a lot of garden to cultivate. Wheel diameter: 12". Handle length: 57".

Glaser Wheel Hoes are one of the finest wheel hoes available. Exceptionally light and maneuverable with rust-protected steel hardware and galvanized tubular steel handles for strength without weight.

Built with a low center of gravity which gives outstanding lateral control, stability in stubborn soils and direct transfer of power from you to the cutting attachments. Adjustable at critical joints to accommodate your individual body size and hoeing style.

Top-notch steel stirrup knives cut weeds just below the surface on both forward and backward strokes, without "bulldozing" the soil. U-shaped blades make it easy to cultivate shallowly near the crop plant while digging deeper farther out.

An excellent selection of attachments, which bolt to the chassis frame, are available. When using knives with single attachments, 2 knives can be used at once, one behind the other or offset on the professional model.

Unit Weight: 26 lbs

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