Gripple Tensioning Tool

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The Gripple Tensioning Tool securely pulls wire through the Gripple Wire Joiners with more leverage than a human hand could produce. Ideal for high tension fences, trellises and much more.

Gripple Tensioning Tool




  • Hand-held, lightweight, and compact tensioning tool
  • Gauges and regulates tension applied when tensioning with Gripple wire joiners/connectors
  • Provides the user with a huge amount of leverage to securely tension wires using Gripples
  • Holds the Gripple in place while using a squeezing motion, like large pruners, to pull the wire through the Gripple
  • Ideal for tightening and tensioning fences, trellises, plant supports, guy wires, as well as multiple greenhouse applications
  • Helps to eliminate sagging wire fences and gives more tension than could be provided by a human hand pulling wire

The Gripple Tensioning Tool is designed to work with the Gripple Wire Joiners. It holds the gripple in place while pulling wire to a higher tension. This tool provides the user with leverage and a better grip on wire that provides excellent tension. The Tensioning Tool is designed to work with metal wires as well as poly monofilaments.

Unit Ship Weigt: 5 lbs

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