Groundhog Mattock Cultivator Cutter 18in Handle

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This mattock cultivator has a 1 pound drop forged steel head for breaking through soils of all kinds. It has an 18 hickory handle and a blue vinyl comfort grip.

Groundhog Mattock Cultivator Cutter 18” Handle


  • Drop forged steel head features a cultivator and cutter
  • 1 lb head lets gravity do the work
  • 18” hickory handle is nearly unbreakable
  • Blue cushion vinyl grip provides comfort and full control
  • Slip on eye connection is a time tested and reliable system

This versatile mattock tool is great for all kinds of gardening and homestead tasks. The design focuses the energy of a swing directly onto the tips for maximum penetration and effectiveness per swing.

It features an extremely rugged 18” hickory handle and blue vinyl grips for great control and comfort no matter the task. The head is made from drop forged steel and is designed to be strong and long lasting. Busting up packed soil an rocky areas has never been easier than with this compact and powerful tool.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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