Hand Push Portable Rotor-Tine Aerator

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This hand push portable aerator features a long metal handle and a weight tray situated above the rotating tines. This design works perfectly at aerating and loosening up soils.

Hand Push Portable Rotor-Tine Aerator

This hand push aerator is lightweight and portable, easily carried to and from your work site. With a weight tray balanced perfectly above the rotating tines for increased soil penetration and more effective aeration. With 9.5 inch tines and a 14 inch spiking width for quick and effective aeration of larger areas, while still being small and agile enough to do around gardens and other obstructions.

This is a great way to break up and aerate otherwise hard and barren areas. Gives a uniform effect over all the soil and is a favorite of golf courses.

Unit Ship Weight: 35 lbs

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