Haws Deluxe Long Reach Plastic Watering Can 5 Liter

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The haws deluxe plastic watering can holds 5 liters and has a brass faced rose for a perfect watering shower every time. With a vertical facing rose to disperse the water more evenly.

Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can 5 Liter

This unique English style watering can gives your plants one of the gentlest showers you can find. With a plastic backed, brass faced rose that points up instead of down to give the plants a gentle watering. With a large handle at the back and an extension and stabilizing handle on the top for two handed pouring.

This watering can has a fill hole situated near the back of the can, allowing you to hold the can at a steeper angle without spilling water out of the top. High quality watering cans which last for years.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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