Haws 'SlimCan' Galvanized Watering Can 2.11 Gal

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The haws 'slimcan' galvanized watering can was hot dipped in zinc alloy for corrosion resistance and features a wrap around handle for great balance and two handed use.

Haws 'SlimCan' Galvanized Watering Can 2.11 Gal

This galvanized watering can is made with hot dipped zinc coated steel which makes it rugged and corrosion resistant. This watering can features a wrap around handle which gives you perfect balance at any water level and the ability to use both hands to water with.

With a long straight spout fitted with a brass rose for precision showers every time. This attractive watering can has a titanium colored finish and a metal piece at the front of the fill hole to prevent water from running out while pouring.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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