Heat Shield for Daystar DA6AC Grow Light Reflector

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This heat shield is for the Daystar Reflector system (DA6AC). This helps to trap heat inside of the reflector to be carried away by air cooling systems.

Heat Shield for Daystar DA6AC Grow Light Reflector


  • Custom-fitted cover
  • Double insulates existing air-cooled reflector hoods against heat that grow lights create
  • Heat is contained within the hood to be carried away by existing air-cooling systems
  • 95% reflective interior
  • Saves money and energy by reducing grow room temperature
  • Maximizes the heat removed by cooling systems
  • Heavy duty insulating material reduces air flow noise
  • Soft, durable and machine washable
  • Strong, high quality construction
  • Made in the USA

This Heat Shield system is designed to lock in high temperatures created by hot grow lights. This helps existing air cooling systems to remove more of the heat and decreases the heat radiated into the growing area. This also allows the shielded reflector to be positioned closer to plants and other heat sensitive items.

The heavy duty construction of the Heat Shield helps to reduce noise created by reflectors and by air flow through the system. The Heat Shield also helps to protect reflectors from damage and corrosion in often damp growing environments.


  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 13.0L x 10.0W x 1.5H

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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