Hi-Brix Grow Supplement Part A (2.5 Gal.)

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This growing supplement is designed to promote plant growth instead of bloom growth. It is designed for use with Hi-Brix Bloom Part B and is based on Hi-Brix Molasses for Plants. It is great for hydroponics or soil based growth.

Hi-Brix Grow Supplement Part A (2.5 Gal.)




  • Based on the famous Hi-Brix “Molasses for Plants” formula
  • Part of a 2 part plant food formula
  • Promotes growing during the vegetative stages of plant growth
  • Formulated for hydroponic or soil based growing
  • Designed for use with Hi-Brix Bloom Supplement Part B
  • Provides unique nutrients needed for the vegetative growth phase
  • Easy to use with variable ratios to fit individual growing needs

Hi-Brix Grow Supplement Part A is the first part of a complimentary 2-part growing formula designed to be used throughout the growing cycle. It is based on the famous Hi-Brix “Molasses for Plants” formula that is an excellent finishing formula. Hi-Brix Grow is designed to promote vigorous vegetative and structural growth and should be used in conjunction with Hi-Brix Bloom to create a complete growing routine.


The ratio between Grow Part A and Bloom Part B can be changed depending on the individual needs of the grower. This allows the user to create a truly unique and effective nutrient mixture. This mixture is ideal for hydroponic and soil based growing and can be used with indoor and outdoor plants.


Unit Ship Weight: 28 lbs

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