High Tunnel Greenhouse Vent with Automatic Opener

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A louvered supplemental ventilation method that utilizes a chimney-effect movement of hot air out of the tunnel. This vent installs quickly and easily into an end wall, with no framing required. Crafted from rigid aluminum.

Greenhouse / High Tunnel Vent

with Automatic Vent Opener


  • Rigid aluminum frame and shutters
  • Attach directly to plastic with Wiggle Wire (sold separately)
  • No framing needed
  • Comes with both manual opener and automatic vent opener*
  • Available in four opening sizes: 12"x12", 18"x18", 24"x24" and 30"x30"
  • Intended for supplemental ventilation only


Add supplemental ventilation to your greenhouse or high tunnel with the High Tunnel Vent. Intended to help alleviate extremely hot conditions especially at the roof or peak of a structure, these vents can be used in conjunction with your primary ventilation mechanism to maintain an optimal interior temperature.

Easily installs to the plastic using Wiggle Wire and requires no framing. Open manually with a hand pull wire. The auto-temperature opener operates automatically and can be set to open at temperatures between 60-77° F. *

*Uni-vent automatic openers and replacement cylinders are available individually without vents.

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