High Wheel Cultivator

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This high wheel cultivator comes with 3 different attachments, a twin end furrow plow, a mold board plow and a five tine cultivator. A classic design that has been proven to work for generations.

High Wheel Cultivator


  • 3 interchangeable attachments
  • Over-the-axle handle design
  • Comes With Twin End Furrow Plow, Mold Board Plow, 5 Tine Cultivator
  • 24" Painted Steel Wheel
  • 49" Long Wooden Handles
  • Slotted foot
  • Tubular Steel Design
  • Foldable for storage

Easily cultivate, plow, furrow, weed and form hills with this High Wheel Cultivator and its 3 interchangeable attachments. The handles are situated in a rugged over-the-axle design. Rolls on a 24" steel wheel, allowing cultivating in bad or rocky terrain.

Features sturdy wooden handles for easy control and leverage that can be adjusted for height and position.

This design is a simple classic design that has been proven to work over generations of farmers. This is a must have for any small gardener.

Unit Ship Weight: 19 lbs

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