Honey Organic ES Carbohydrate Supplement (5 Gal.)

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Honey Organic Extra Strength is a premium blend of cane molasses, yucca, kelp, and ocean fish. It feeds beneficial microbes around plant roots, aids in nutrient uptake, and provides a great carbohydrate source for fruit development.

Honey Organic ES Carbohydrate Supplement (5 Gal.)




  • Premium blend of cane molasses, yucca, kelp, and ocean fish
  • ES means extra strength – Increases brix levels by providing sugars for beneficial bacteria, fungi, and plants
  • Helps to feed beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae that help plants to utilize nutrients and moisture
  • Promotes more healthy symbiotic relationships between microbes and plant roots
  • Provides a great source of sugars and carbohydrates which plants utilize especially during their flowering and fruiting stage
  • Allows plants to naturally channel as much sugar and carbohydrates that they want to flowers, buds, and fruits
  • Improves quality and flavor of crops
  • Maintains healthy microbial life throughout the growing cycle
  • Derived from: Kelp Extract, Pure Cane Molasses, Yucca Extract, and Ocean Fish

Honey Organic Extra Strength is designed to provide high quality sugars and carbohydrates to plants and to beneficial microbes around plant roots. These microbes feed on the sugars and form more healthy symbiotic relationships with plants. Many of these microbes improve the root zone health and allow plants to better take in nutrients and moisture.


Honey Organic ES also provides plants a direct source of sugars and carbohydrates that they can utilize throughout the growth cycle. These sugars become even more important as plants go into their fruiting and flower stage as plants take the sugars out of the root zone and divert it toward fruit and flower growth. This means that beneficial microbes can lose their energy and not perform as well.


Honey Organic ES allows these microbes and the plant to have all of the sugars and carbohydrates they need. This organic formula is great for use with indoor and outdoor growing and contains no harsh chemicals.


Directions: Add 5-10 ml of Honey Organic ES per gallon of water.


Unit Ship Weight: 57 lbs

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