Horiba Combination 3-in-1 ToupH Electrode for Hydrofluoric Acid – 9631-10D

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This standard pH electrode is great for testing aqueous solutions with Hydrofluoric acid. It features stronger glass and is great for about 1000 tests.

Horiba Combination 3-in-1 ToupH Electrode for Hydrofluoric Acid – 9631-10D




  • Uses responsive glass that is 10 times stronger than JIS standards
  • Long life electrode is capable of measuring about 1000 times (When a measurement is conducted for 1 minute with 1% hydrofluoric acid solution (at 25°C))
  • Ideal for management of hydrofluoric acid contained water that is discharged after etching process
  • Constructed with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and wiping down
  • Waterproof and resistant to temperatures between 0 and 60°C
  • Lead free

This pH electrode provides quick and reliable measurement of water samples containing hydrofluoric acid. This long lived electrode can measure about 1000 times under normal testing conditions. This electrode is great for use with a wide range of aqueous test solutions and is completely waterproof.  


The new design features stronger glass and a rugged, dome shaped electrode. Making the electrode stronger saves on replacement costs and downtime spent replacing electrodes.




Applicable temperature range(°C): 0-60

pH range: 2-12 pH

Liquid junction: Ceramic

Internal Type solution: #300 KCL

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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