Horiba Combination Small Sample pH Electrode 6069-10C

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This electrode is ideal for testing small samples. It features a pH electrode and a reference electrode for highly accurate results and is great for testing in slender tubes.

Horiba Combination Small Sample pH Electrode 6069-10C




  • Great for measuring the pH of small samples
  • Measures pH in slender tubes such as a NMR tube (more than 3.5mm in diameter)
  • Long and slender design can reach deep into containers
  • Full pH range testing
  • Combination electrode features a reference electrode and glass membrane electrode

This electrode is designed to measure small samples and measure inside of slender test tubes. It features a reference electrode and a glass electrode which provide excellent testing results for pH.


The electrode has a long, narrow tip for measuring deep into test tubes. This model requires a smaller sample than others which can save on expensive sample costs.




Applicable temperature range(°C): 0-60

pH range: 0-14

Liquid junction: Ceramic

Internal solution: #310 (KCl with AgCl)

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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