Horiba Dissolved Oxygen Electrode Lab Use – 9520-10D

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This dissolved oxygen is for lab use and features a 1 meter long cable. Its measurement range is 0-19.99 mg/L and is great for measuring all kinds of aqueous samples.

Horiba Dissolved Oxygen Electrode Lab Use – 9520-10D




  • Uses a thermistor with a disposable ship-type electrode 7541 as the thermometric element
  • Waterproof
  • 1 meter long cable
  • Provides determination of the dissolved oxygen, or oxygen saturation, of a given medium, usually water
  • Great for use in a laboratory setting
  • Pen-type electrode is easy to use with one hand

This electrode provides a reading of the dissolved oxygen present in a given medium, typically water. It is for use in the lab and can measure the dissolved oxygen from 0 to 19.99 mg/L.


Dissolved oxygen is important for animal and plant life in water systems, where too little oxygen present can lead to a stagnant, lifeless body of water. Oxygen content in water is achieved much like in the air, where circulation and plant life are important factors.




Applicable temperature range(°C): 0-45

Measuring range: DO: 0-19.99 mg/L
Temperature: 0-40°C (When used with dissolved D-25)

Response time: 20 seconds (90% response time at constant temperature)

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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