Horiba Flat ISFET pH Electrode - 0040-10D

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This electrode is designed to take pH measurements from the surface of solid samples. Requires very little moisture to obtain an accurate reading.

Horiba Flat ISFET pH Electrode - 0040-10D




  • Measurements can be made from a minute amount of moisture on a solid sample surface
  • Use of a semiconductor sensor means there are no concerns that the electrode will be damaged
  • Perfect for measuring samples in shallow containers such as Petri dishes
  • Waterproof construction
  • Replaceable sensor

This flat tipped sensor is ideal for testing the pH of solid objects, requiring very little moisture to obtain an accurate reading. The sensor is located on the flat surface of the tip, with less than a 100 µm difference from the housing.


A flat sensor configuration is ideal for measuring gelatinous materials such as nutrient agar and foodstuffs such as meat. This sensor evaluates the pH of sheet materials such as cloth or paper with very little effort.


If the sample has a small amount of moisture then pure water etc. is required. This sensor takes surface measurements without endangering an electrode which can save on time and replacement costs.




Applicable temperature range(°C): 0-60

pH range: 0-14

Liquid junction: Porous sintered polyethylene

Internal solution: #300 (KCl)

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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