Horiba LAQUAtwin Conductivity (EC), Salt, TDS Meter (EC-33)

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For measuring salinity of water or total dissolved solids in liquid. Measures from 1-19,999 microsiemens/cm from a single drop of fluid. 2 Point calibration. Also measures salt from 1.1% and TDS from 0-9900 PPM. Now with 2 point calibraton and temperature compensation.

Horiba LAQUAtwin Conductivity (EC), Salt, TDS Meter (EC-33)

A small quantity of calibration solution will come with this meter. We sell extra and replacement solutions for when you run out. You will need the 1,413µS conductivity solution and 12,880µS.

Main Features:

  • Measure conductivity from 1 1µs/cm all the way up to 19,999µS. Also 0-1.1% salt and 0-9900 ppm TDS.
  • New more accurate 2-point callibration with 1413µS and 12880µS solutions and temperature compensation.
  • Quickly and easily measure the purity and salinity of water
  • Estimates the EC of samples that are higher than the 19.9ms/cm for an even higher range.
  • Highly precise measurements from a single drop of sample meaning you can obtain readings from things like leaf sap, seeds or even saliva which would be impossible with other meters. Also makes it easier to obtain samples as less extraction of a sample is needed.
  • The sensor can be directly immersed in solutions to take measurements, enabling convenient testing of such solutions as river water (remember, only the end of the meter is waterproof).
  • Automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation.
  • Measure small samples and save money on calibration solution as only a small drop is needed to calibrate this instrument.
The Horiba LAQUA Twin EC conductivity meter can measure the conductivity of a solution from a single drop of sample. Users can either place a sample on the meters flat sensor on immerse the meter directly in the solution being tested, giving the meter a broad range of applications e.g. measuring rainwater pollution levels or the electric conductivity (EC) of solutions used in agricultural operations. Also, The B-773 meter includes a convenient salinity conversion indicator.
Recommended Uses:
  • Used to measure the purity of drinking water. The lower the number the more pure the water.
  • Used in our leaf sap analysis to determine nutrients not yet complexed into sugars.
  • To measure the concentration of nutrients in foliar and hydroponic fertilizers.
  • To measure the level of water soluble nutrients available to crops in the soil
  • To monitor the salinity of soil so you can manage the damaging effects of high salts caused by pollution such as high synthetic fertilizers or sewage runoff.
  • Used to determine what Dr Carey Reams called "ERGS" (energy released per gram per second) 1 ERG is equal to 1 microsiemen. He recommended soils have around 200 ERGS and no more than 1000 ERGS.
  • The measurement of conductivity is indispensable to controlling the water quality of rivers, lakes, underground water, waste water, etc.
  • The perfect way to check sea water desalination systems used on small ships and cruisers.
  • Also important for monitoring fish tanks and other aquatic systems.

Nutrients in the soil are only available to the plants in ionic form when dissolved in the soil solution. This EC meter which measures the quantity and mobility of ions (cations & anions) and is perfect for seeing an overview of the amount of nutrients available to the crop. You can also monitor if conductivity is too high which indicates high salts and your plants may be vulnerable to burn.


  • Model: EC33
  • Measurement principle: 2 AC Bi-Polar.
  • Minimum sample volume: 0.12ml or more.
  • Measurement range: Conductivity: 0-19.9mS/ cm, Salt: 0.1.1%, TDS: 0-9900 PPM
  • Accuracy:+/- 2% F.S. +/- 1 digit (for each range).
  • Functions: Salt/TDS measurment, temperature conversion, auto-hold, IP67 waterproof and dustproof.
  • Operating Temperature: 5-40C in 85% or less relative humidity.
  • Power: CR2032 batteries x 2
  • Dimensions: 164mm x 29mm x 20mm
  • Weight: approx 50g

Unit Ship Weight: 2 Lbs


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