Horiba LAQUAtwin pH Meter (pH 22)

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Use this pocket-size, waterproof meter anywhere. Built-in sensor lets you take measurements two ways. Simply immersing meter tip in sample or by placing a small amount of your sample directly onto the sensor.

Horiba LAQUA Twin pH Meter (pH 22)

A 14ml bottle of pH 7.01 & 4.01 calibration solution come with this meter. We sell extra and replacement solutions for when you run out.

This pocket sized waterproof meter is the best portable pH meter we have found available on the market.

Main Features:

  • Measure samples as small as 150 µL
  • Up to three -point auto-calibration
  • Automatic range selection
  • Calibration and slope adjustment
  • Includes a hard carrying case, batteries, and a solution kit containing calibrating solution and deionized water.

This meter is portable and can be used anywhere. Simply immerse tip in sample or place a small amount of your sample directly on the ion selective membrane and you get fast and highly accurate pH results that are instantly displayed on the convenient 3-1/2-digit LCD.

Also features easy auto-calibration. Simply hold the "cal"  button until it say 7.01 and then add the calibration solution, then press "cal: again so it says 4.01 and then add that calibration solution also. Very quick and simple calibration.

The LAQUA Twin pH meter does everything you need. Its glass electrode sensor is protected by a guard that is slid open for measurements. The cartridge-type sensor is simple to replace should that become necessary. This meter is completely waterproof. It is powered by 2 CR2032 lithium batteries and has an automatic shut-off feature in case you forget. It has an easy to read LCD scale, and measures from pH 2 to pH 12 with an accuracy of 0.1 pH. The meter measures 6 1/2" long and weighs only 2 oz. Instructions are included. Be sure to also order some pH reference solution.

Recommended Uses:

  • Measuring soil pH: To determine and adjust to the desired levell. Between 6.0 & 7.0 for most crops.
  • Measuring plant leaf sap: 6.4 is what Bruce Tainios desired level is.
  • Measuring urine and saliva: For health practitioners and also ideal for the Ream's Urea test.
  • Measuring foliar and hydroponic fertilizers: The pH of fertilizers is often adjusted based on leaf and soil tests.
  • Measuring water: To check acidity of rain water and drinking water.
  • Measuring juices and milk

This meter can be used anywhere that highly accurate pH readings are required and where sample sizes are particularly small. Very useful not just for agricultural purposes, but anywhere that an alkaline or acidity value of a liquid is needed.

Unit ship weight: 2 Lbs

LAQUA Twin pH Anatomy

1. Sensor guard protects the electrode. The delicate flat sensor is protected by a sensor guard to ensure safety during use. To perform scoop measurement, just slide back the lid.

2. The replaceable sensor prolongs useful life
Cartridge-type sensors are simple to replace.

3. CAL button simplifies standardization
Takes all the fuss out of reference calibrations. The LAQUA Twin automatically makes the calibration with just a push of this button.

4. Auto shutoff saves batteries
If you forget to turn off the LAQUA Twin, after 60 minutes of non-use, the Auto-ShutOff circuit automatically turns it off for you.

Digital Display:

1. pH Readout
Measured pH values are shown to 1/100 pH; calibration values to 1/100. (Readout blinks when pH values is below 0 or above 14 pH.)

2. Battery warning
Alerts you to low battery.

3. Temperature warning
The "°C" blinks when the temperature exceeds the range 0 - 40°C

4. Calibration indicator
Lights up during reference calibration.

5. Stable-readout indicator
Lights up when readout has stabilized.


Using the pH Meter

Even if you drop it in the water, there is nothing to fear. Its waterproof structure makes the LAQUA ideal for carefree outdoor use and expands in one stroke the scope of pH measurement activities.
*impervious to water for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1 meter. Proper function is not assured if immersed deeper than 1 meter

With Sliding Lid Open

Immersion measurement
To take measurement of water quality in rivers or lakes, just immerse the sensor in the water and note the measurement results.

Scoop measurement
For hard to reach places, just immerse the sensor in the solution and the sensor guard will scoop up a sample. Lay the LAQUA Twin flat to measure

With Sliding Lid Closed

To measure solids or powders
Just place the sample directly on the sensor. Before measuring earth, powder, and other solid samples with low moisture content, add a drop or two of deionized water.

To measure in drops
Use a eye-dropper to drop about 0.1 mL of the sample solution on the sensor.

To measure rigid surfaces
To measure surface pH, wipe the surface of the sample with a sampling sheet dampened with deionized water and place the sheet on the sensor.

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