Horiba LAQUAtwin Potassium K+ Compact Ion Meter (K-11)

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The Horiba LAQUA Potassium meter makes taking potassium readings extremely easy and cost effective. You simply simply place a 0.3ml sample onto the meter's flat sensor and measure. It features an automatic calibration system and waterproof construction. Measures 4-9900 ppm 

Horiba LAQUA Twin Potassium K+ Compact Ion Meter (K-11)

The Horiba LAQUA Twin Potassium ion tester makes testing potassium extremely easy by simply placing a tiny sample on the meter's flat sensor. Accurate measurements can be taken from a sample as small as 0.3ml.

The meter is designed for general purpose potassium measurements. The Flat sensor technology enables measurements with only a few drops of sample. Measurements are simple, quick, and accurate. Using Horiba's original flat sensor it can measure sample volumes as low as 0.3mL and uses a very simple 2 point automatic calibration procedure.


  • Large 4-9900 ppm measurement range.
  • Simple, quick, and accurate measurements
  • Flat sensor technology enables readings with as little as 0.3 ml of sample
  • Waterproof construction
  • Automatic calibration (selection of 1 point or 2 point calibration)
  • Wide measuring range for a variety of applications
  • Selectable display between ppm and mol/l.

Main Uses:

  • Measuring leaf sap,
  • Measuring soil potassium levels,
  • Measuring foliar and hydroponic fertilizers. 
  • Measuring concentrations in animal bodily fluids such as urine and saliva.
  • Measuring fruit juices and milk
  • Using the sample sheets as a swab, soaked in distilled water and wiping over a hard surface to measure surface potassium levels. 
Main Features

 The measurement process simply involves placing the sample on the meter's flat sensor. Accurate measurements can be taken from samples as small as 0.3 ml.

Automatic range switching gives a wide display range and facilitates highly precise measurements.

The meter employs a highly selective flat ion electrode. As it is unreceptive to other ions, the electrode takes highly accurate measurements of nitric acid ion concentrations. The new high molecular weight polymers are longer lasting and more resistant to contamination, giving you more troublefree service and saving money on replacements.

Ultrathin and lightweight, the meter can be easily carried to any location for on-site testing

Unit Ship Weight: 1.5 Lb

  • MODEL Horiba Cardy K+ Meter K-11
    Principle Potassium ion electrode method
    Display 4-digit digital LCD display
    Measurement range 4 to 9900 [unit: ppm or mg/L]

    Display range 4 to 0-99 ppm
    100 to 99

    Display range / Resolution 4 to 0-99 ppm / 1 ppm 
    100 to 990 ppm / 10 ppm 
    1000 to 9900 ppm/ 100 ppm 

    ±10% or ±10ppm of reading value.

    Calibration 2-point calibration: 150ppm and 2000 ppm
    Operating environment 5-35°C/41-95°F
    (temperature compensated at ambient temperature)
    Power CR-2025 lithium cell ( x 2)
    approx. 500 hrs continuous operation
    Weight Approx.40g, 1.4oz
    Dimensions 164 x 29 x 20mm 
    Standard accessories K+standard solution
    STD 2000 ppm, SLOPE 150 ppm
    Selectivity coefficient (interfering ions) l-=7 x 10-10,  Cl-=4 x 10-2,  Br-=9 x 10-1, ClO4-=3 x 10-3, NO2-=7 x 10-1, pH range: pH 3-8 (at 10-3 mol/l)


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