Horiba Needle ISFET pH Electrode - 0030-10D

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This electrode takes measurements of samples below the surface with a needle shaped sensor. This is great for testing food such as vegetables and breads.

Horiba Needle ISFET pH Electrode - 0030-10D




  • Use of a semiconductor sensor means there are no concerns that the electrode will be damaged
  • Waterproof construction
  • Lead free
  • Pen-type electrode is easy to use and highly accurate for measuring sub-surface samples

This electrode is designed for measuring inside foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and bread. It features a sharp pointed sensor which reads the pH of samples below the surface.


For example, it can measure vegetables beneath the skin and bread inside of the crust. This electrode eliminates the need for coring or removing samples for testing and can also save time and money that broken glass electrodes would cost.




Applicable temperature range(°C): 0-60

pH range: 0-14

Liquid junction material: ABS, epoxy, polyethylene, Ta2O5, platinum

Internal solution: #300 (KCl)

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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