Horiba Nitrate Calibration Solution 300 ppm 14 mL (Pack of 6)

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This solution is designed to keep your Nitrate meter testing accurately time after time. Features 6, 14 mL bottles per case. Calibrates the B-742/741 meters.

Horiba Nitrate Calibration Solution 300 ppm 14 mL (Pack of 6)



  • Pack of 6 bottles
  • Official Horiba brand calibration solution
  • Use in conjunction with 30 or 5000 ppm (For Meters B-742 and B-741, Respectively)
  • Convenient smaller size bottles fit into the padded meter case or your pocket
  • Only 2-3 drops of solution needed for each calibration


The Nitrate calibration solution is designed for use with the Horiba B-741 and B-742 Nitrate Meters. This pack features 6 bottles that are each 14 mL. Frequent calibration is crucial for accurate testing and should be done at the beginning of each test sequence.


Only a few drops are required to successfully calibrate the Horiba B-741/B-742 meter which means this pack of 6 bottles will keep you measuring accurately for many tests. The small bottle size will fit perfectly in your Horiba B-741/B-742 padded case to replace the calibration solutions that accompanied the meter originally. 


Note: Do not ingest or freeze this calibration solution. 


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