Horiba pH Calibration Solution 7 and 4 pH 60 mL Set

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This solution is designed to keep your pH meter testing accurately time after time. Features 60 mL bottles of pH 4 and pH 7. 

Horiba pH Calibration Solution 7 and 4 pH 60 mL Set


  • Includes a 60 mL bottle each of pH 4 and pH 7 calibration solution
  • Official Horiba brand calibration solution
  • Use in conjunction with the Horiba pH meter or any other pH meter that requires calibration
  • Conveniently sized bottles with dropper lids

 This pack features a set of 2 calibration solutions needed to calibrate any pH meter. . Frequent calibration is crucial for accurate testing and should be done at the beginning of each test sequence.

Only a few drops are required to successfully calibrate the Horiba Laqua meter which means this pack of 60 mL bottles will keep you measuring accurately for many tests.

Note: Do not ingest or freeze this calibration solution. 

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