Horiba Portable Oil Content Analyzer – OCMA-310

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This oil content analyzer is portable and highly accurate. It has a mostly automated test procedure and is great for testing both fresh and sea water samples.

Horiba Portable Oil Content Analyzer – OCMA-310


  • Portable meter quickly measures oil content of fresh water and salt water
  • A microcomputer provides automated analysis of samples with the touch of a button
  • Dynamic ranging provides analysis from 0mg/l-200mg/l without manual switching
  • S-316 extraction solvent ensures the highest levels of oil particle stability for accurate measurement
  • Digital display provides clear reference and a visual display alerts the user to the units operating status
  • A proprietary syringe ensures a fixed amount of sample water and solvent
  • RS-232C and parallel printer ports

This portable unit is designed to quickly measure the oil content of fresh or sea water. It accomplishes this with the help of the S-316 extraction solvent which is extremely stable and proven to effectively extract oil from samples. The one-touch monitoring process is fully automated from sample extraction to analysis and sample expulsion. This removes any human error and helps to normalize testing procedures and increase repeatability. This is a great meter for field work as the portability and ease of use allows for sub-laboratory conditions. Common tests performed by this device include fresh water, sea water, fluids found around factories and wastewater treatment plant discharges.

Measurement Procedure:

  1. Inject solvent and oily water sample
  2. Press EXTRACT
  3. Open upper valve (extraction valve) to transfer solvent
  4. Press MEASURE
  5. Open lower valve (drainage valve) to drain sample

The automated processes of this device include an extraction and mixing process of the sample, later separation, the measurement process and finally data display. This entire process comes together to provide one of the easiest, most straightforward oil content analyzers ever made.


Measurement principle: Solvent extraction, NDIR analysis (Infrared spectroscopy)

Measurement range: 0mg/l ~ 200mg/l dynamic ranging

Resolution: 0 to 99.9 mg/L; 0.1 mg/L
100 to 200 mg/L; 1 mg/L

Repeatability: 0 to 9.9 mg/L; ± 0.2 mg/L ± 1 digit
10.0 to 99.9 mg/L; ± 2 mg/L ± 1 digit
100 to 200 mg/L; ± 4 mg/L ± 1 digit

Measurement: Manually controlled

Calibration: One touch calibration after the calibration standard is introduced to the instrument

Extraction Solvent: S-316 solvent

Sample/Solvent Volume: 20 mL, ratio of sample to solvent is 2:1.

Extraction Method: Built-in extractor for oily water samples

Display: Measured value; 3 digits LCD with backlight
Message; Character display LCD with back-light (16×2 characters)

Functions: Data memory up to 50 data, Self diagnostics, Stable type display, Interactive operation, Calendar clock

Output: RS-232C, parallel printer port

Option: Analog output 0 to 200 mg/L;0 to 1 V

Ambient Temperature: 0 to 40

Power: 100 to 120 V AC ±10%,50/60 Hz, 80 VA
200 to 240 V AC ±10%,50/60 Hz, 120 VA

Dimensions: 200(W)×315(D)×342(H) mm

Mass: Approx. 7 kg

Unit Ship Weight: 16 lbs

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