Horiba Sleeve ToupH Electrode – 9681-10D

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This electrode features a sliding sleeve to allow for accurate testing of highly viscous samples. The sleeve is moveable and easily rinsed clean.

Horiba Sleeve ToupH Electrode – 9681-10D


  • The liquid junction section is constructed with a moveable sleeve that can be rinsed clean
  • The sleeve prevents highly viscous samples from clogging the liquid junction and maintains stable measurement performance
  • Pen shaped design makes testing easy
  • Waterproof construction
  • Lead free
  • Replaces the 9677-10D model

This electrode is recommended for highly viscous solutions and samples that contain non-aqueous solvents such as cosmetics or paints. The moveable sleeve helps to maintain measurement performance no matter a highly viscous sample.

The sleeve is flexible and can be moved easily for rinsing. It is recommended that measurements of highly viscous samples are taken while using the graph display function to confirm stable responses.


Applicable temperature range (°C): 0-60

pH range: 0-14

Liquid junction: Movable Sleeve

Internal solution: #300 (KCl)

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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