Horiba Solvent Reclaimer – SR-305

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This reclaimer filters oil and debris from used S-316 extraction solvent and returns it to its previous state. Saves big on solvent and testing costs.

Horiba Solvent Reclaimer – SR-305

This highly efficient device reclaims used solvents to save the user money on solvent costs and to reduce the total overall volume of solvents used and discarded. This solvent reclaiming device can reduce the costs of each test by up to 90%. This optional unit is designed to best reclaim Horiba’s S-316 extraction solvent, which is used for extracting oil from water, soil and hard surface samples.

This device features a double layer of activated carbon and activated aluminum. These filtration tools remove any oil particles and debris in the solvent and return most of it back to its original state. It has a large filtering capacity and is easy to operate in the lab or the field as it requires no electricity.

Dimensions: 200mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 600mm(H)

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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