Hormex Liquid Vitamin Hormone Concentrate (32 oz)

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Hormex helps to prevent transplant shock by stimulating vigorous root growth. This also allows plants to take in more water and nutrients which boosts all other aspects of growth. Great for cloning as well.

Hormex Liquid Vitamin Hormone Concentrate (32 oz)




  • Vitamin, hormone concentrate and root growth stimulant
  • Prevents transplant shock by stimulating growth of small feeder roots
  • Household name among horticultural community for almost half a century
  • Promotes vigorous plant growth
  • Keeps cut flowers fresh
  • Great as a pre-planting dip for cloning plants

Hormex has made a name for itself over the past half-century by promoting vigorous root growth and saving transplants. It prevents the shock of transplanting by stimulating the growth of small feeder roots that are often damaged during transplanting procedures.


This root growth directly influences other aspects of growing and allows the plant to take in more nutrients and water, boosting overall growth. It can be used to dip clones before planting to jump-start root growth and even helps to keep cut flowers fresh.


Note: 1 gallon option pictured.


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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