Hortilux Dual Arc HPS and Halide Super Blue Arctube 1000W

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This bulb is designed to produce intense blue and red light with the use of a halide arc and high pressure sodium arc in one bulb. Provides all season growing potential.

Hortilux Dual Arc HPS and Halide Super Blue Arctube 1000W


  • Combines the extraordinary power of Super High Pressure Sodium and the balanced spectrum of Hortilux-Blue in one bulb
  • Creates a complete spectrum of light to grow plants throughout their lifecycle
  • Two types of light creating arcs together in one bulb
  • Super Blue lamps operate on 1000W high pressure sodium systems
  • For use on systems equipped with ANSI S52 Ballasts
  • Save money on buying multiple bulb types
  • Save the time and hassle of replacing bulbs as plants grow up
  • Wide spectrum creates extra blue light and intense red light for excellent growth and flowering/fruiting

This bulb combines two of the most popular growing bulbs into a single, convenient lamp. The Super Blue Dual Arc Tube features high pressure sodium and metal halide arcing elements to produce a wider light spectrum than most other bulbs.

The halide segment produces extra blue light that stimulates plant growth and vegetation production while the super high pressure sodium segment produces intense red light that promotes fruiting and flowering. This one bulb can be used throughout the growth cycle of plants and saves the user the hassle of changing out bulbs and buying multiple lamp types.



0.9 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

15.3L x 3.4W x 3.3H

Rated Wattage:


Base Type:

Mogul (E39)

HID Type:

Dual Arc Tube


1 Year

Bulb Orientation:


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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