Hoss Seeder Attachment for the Hoss Wheel Hoe

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This seeder attachment is for the Hoss Wheel Hoe. It automatically plants seeds of many different sizes and comes with plates for planting many popular seed sizes. Wheel Hoe sold separately.

Hoss Seeder Attachment for the Hoss Wheel Hoe


  • Removable seed hopper
  • Adjustable planting depth from 0.25” to 1.5”
  • 6 standard seed plates included
  • Optional extra seed plates
  • Chain driven
  • Plants large and small seeds
  • Included: The Hoss Seeder Attachment, 6 different seed plates.
  • Wheel hoe sold seperately.

This seeder attachment easily bolts onto the Hoss Wheel Hoe and plants seeds of many different sizes and types. (This is only the seeder attachment and does not include the Hoss Wheel Hoe) Heavy duty steel construction with a chain driven mechanism will last for years.

As the Wheel Hoe moves along the ground the seeder attachment plows a trench in the soil. The rotating plate inside of the hopper then drops a seed periodically into the trench. Finally the seed is covered over with a covering plow and gently packed into place with a rotating wheel setter.

This system can save days of man-power and lots of effort as it requires a simple push down a row. The rotating plate design also helps to plant seeds consistently and evenly, making for a more uniform garden and better space utilization.

This seeder attachment comes with 6 interchangeable seed plates for different sizes and types of seeds.

Included Seed Plates:

  • #1 (HS4-1001)- Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, mustard, rutabaga and other fine seeds
  • #2 (HS4-1002)- Carrots and lettuce
  • #3 (HS4-1003)- Okra, beets and chard
  • #4 (HS4-1004)- Sweet corn and popcorn
  • #5 (HS4-1005)- Small peas and beans
  • #6 (HS4-1006)- Medium beans, peas and field corn

Optional Seed plates:

  • #7  (HS4-1007) -  radish, leek, asparagus, spinach, other medium seeds
  • #8  (HS4-1008) -  cucumber and watermelon
  • #9  (HS4-1009) -  large beans, butter & lima beans
  • #10 (HS4-1010) - squash and pumpkin

Note: This seeder attachment fits the Hoss and Planet Jr wheel hoe’s and does not fit the Glaser.

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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