Hum-Bolt Humic Acid Supplement (5 Gal.)

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Hum-Bolt is a premium quality Humic Acid supplement that brings a high-strength 8% humic formula to plants. It improves nutrient uptake and results in healthier root zones, improved growth and better yields.

Hum-Bolt Humic Acid Supplement (5 Gal.)




  • 8% Humic Acid liquid supplement
  • Derived from premium Leonardite, extracted from a mine known to produce the highest quality shale
  • Promotes high ion exchange and improves nutrient uptake abilities in plants
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and increases beneficial organisms while acting as an organic catalyst
  • Long-chain molecules help to bind up free radicals and heavy metals which can negatively affect proper cell replication
  • Natural chelate and biostimulant
  • Helps to create immunities in plants by blocking viral and bacterial microorganisms from attaching to cell walls
  • Creates more permeable cell walls for nutrients and moisture absorption
  • Regulates the effects of stress in plants by blocking hormones from reaching stress receptor sites
  • Increases microbial activity in the soil and stimulates root growth
  • Promotes chemical exchanges which aerate soil from the inside out
  • Increases oxygen, increases the availability of nutrients, and super-charges a plants ability to absorb and utilize nutrients
  • Results in healthier plant growth and improved yields
  • Contains non-plant food ingredient: 8% Humic Acid

Hum-Bolt is a high quality source of humic acid that is derived from premium quality Leonardite. This source of Humic acid comes from a mine known to produce the highest quality shale and best growing ingredients. The humic acid in this supplement helps to improve the nutrient uptake abilities of plants and results in boosted growth and improved yields.


Throughout the years soil becomes “used-up” and lower in quality. Hum-Bolt is designed to improve the quality of soil and make nutrients more available for plant use. It promotes healthy beneficial microbes in soil and stimulates root growth. The humic acid also helps to transfer heavier nutrients into plant cells in a healthy and beneficial manner, while increasing plant defenses to stress, viruses, and unwanted bacteria.


Directions: Add 1-5 ml of Hum-Bolt per gallon of water or nutrient solution.


Unit Ship Weight: 43 lbs

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