Humboldt Nutrients Sticky Wetting Agent (32 oz)

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Sticky is a wetting agent that improves the performance of foliar fed nutrients. It increases the surface area and absorbing ability of the plant without hurting plant tissue or inducing plant stress. Great for any plant or foliar nutrient.

Humboldt Nutrients Sticky Wetting Agent (32 oz)




  • Ensures that foliar sprays are fully utilized by your plants
  • Eliminates waste or overfeeding
  • Equally distributes heavier elements of foliar sprays throughout the solution
  • Allows plants to receive more complete, useful and healthy nutrients
  • Minimizing wasted foliar sprays makes growing operations more efficient
  • Binding agents create a microscopic bond between plant leaves and the nutrient solution while avoiding damage to plant tissue and plant stress

Sticky is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of foliar sprays. It creates a wet or sticky coating on plants that does not damage plant tissue or stress plants at all. This sticky coating distributes any foliar fed nutrients evenly over the plant while facilitating the transfer of nutrients into plant tissue. It does this by creating a microscopic bond between the plant leaves and the nutrient solution.


Sticky is ideal for improving the efficiency of foliar sprays and helps to eliminate wasted nutrients that would other wise drip off or not be absorbed. The results of using Sticky are clear as plants can absorb nutrients through a larger surface area and in a shorter period of time. It is ideal for use with indoor and outdoor growing and improves any foliar feeding nutrients performance.


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