Hydro Halo Watering Ring 9” (Pack of 3)

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The watering ring features 54 precisely placed pores that emit water evenly around plants. Each ring has 3 removable stakes and a gap for easy installation.

Hydro Halo Watering Ring 9” (Pack of 3)


  • 54 precisely placed pores to evenly irrigate containers or outside plants
  • Sturdy plastic ring will not corrode or rot
  • Eliminates dry pockets of growing medium
  • One-inch gap allows placement around large plants without damaging stalks
  • Use indoors or out, in soil or hydroponic operations
  • Easily connect multiple units with any ½” interior diameter tubing and ½” fittings (not included)
  • 3 removable stakes for each watering ring means the ring can be set above the ground or directly on the ground around the plant.

This watering ring is designed to provide equal and even watering around plants indoors and out. They each have 54 precisely placed pores to allow for even watering and the elimination of dry pockets of growing medium. These rings are reusable and can be used to create custom watering systems for multiple plants.

For growing any plants this ring can be used to automatically water them by simply turning the water on. If the water can be controlled by an automatic controller then this watering ring would automatically water the plant without any human interaction. When a plant no longer needs water or a season ends the ring can be easily removed and used on another plant or the next season.

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