Hydrofarm CO2 System with Timer .2-2 Cu. Ft/hr

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This carbon dioxide regulator and timer allow the user to precisely control the flow rate and duration of CO2 into a growing area. Great for areas less than 10' x 10'.

Hydrofarm CO2 System with Timer .2-2 Cu. Ft/hr


  • Growth boosting CO2 is essential for healthy plants
  • Programmable timer releases precise levels of CO2
  • Brass fittings are strong, corrosion resistant and stand up to high pressures
  • User friendly system is custom-engineered for hobby and commercial growers alike
  • Flow rate of 0.2 to 2 cubic feet per hour
  • Pressure gauge indicates tank pressure and remaining CO2
  • Flow rate gauge indicates the current amount of CO2 being released
  • 3 year warranty
  • Ideal for small to medium sized areas less than 10' x 10'

This supplemental CO2 regulator and timer attach directly onto pressurized CO2 tanks. This system allows the user complete control of how much gas is released into their growing space and how often the gas is released. It features a pressure gauge and flow rate gauge to provide exact flow rates. It even comes with a timer to automatically control the length of time that the gas is released.

Supplemental CO2 is a great way to boost plant growth and yields. Growing areas that are not as well ventilated may have excess oxygen build-up as plants go through photosynthesis. This high level of oxygen is detrimental to plant growth and can be easily fixed by using supplemental carbon dioxide. Higher levels of CO2 have been shown to boost growth and ensure that the user has complete control of the growing environment.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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