Hydrologic Carbon Filter with KDF85 Media for Stealth RO

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This new and improved carbon filter design implements the new KDF85 media which helps to better purify water while nearly doubling the lifespan of the carbon filter.

Hydrologic Carbon Filter with KDF85 Media for Stealth RO


  • Replacement carbon filter for the Small Boy De-Chlorination system (HLSB) and the Stealth RO systems (HLRO100, HLRO200)
  • Medical grade catalytic granular activated carbon
  • Added KDF85 is the most advanced media for water filtration
  • Specially acid washed, pH buffered and rinsed with sanitized water
  • Lasts twice as long as the standard carbon filters found in most purification systems
  • Great for well water and city tap water also
  • Filter removes chlorine, chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals
  • Excellent for pre-treating water before going through reverse osmosis membranes
  • Removes harmful contaminants for people and plants
  • Beneficial microorganisms in soil will be more active with the pure water

This special carbon filter is the newest technology in water purification. It features activated carbon and the special KDF85 media which helps to better purify water by removing iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals.

The granular catalytic activated carbon removes chlorine and reduces chloramines which can harm plants and animals as well as break down reverse osmosis membranes more quickly. This filter is specially designed to work with a reverse osmosis system or as a stand-alone unit. It is great for irrigation purposes and helps to make well water and city water more useful and safer.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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