Impulse Hardened 12.5in Pruning Saw

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Lifetime Warranty. Impulse Hardened teeth for long life. With a 12.5" curved blade made from hardened steel and plated with chrome. Hardwood contoured handle and tri-edge teeth.

Impulse Hardened 12.5" Pruning Saw


  • Blade: 12.5" Curved
  • Impulse Hardened Teeth
  • Teeth: Tri-Edge, 7 point/inch
  • Handle: Hardwood Contoured
  • Chrome Plated
  • Lifetime Warranty

This heavy duty saw is great for any pruning task. With the 12.5" hardened steel blade you can tackle even larger pruning tasks. The extra sharp tri-edge blade features 7 points per inch, making it an aggressive and easy to use cutting tool.

A unique heating process called impulse heating treats only the teeth of the blade, making them harder than many files. This causes the teeth to stay sharp three times longer than other blades, while keeping the rest of the blade the same flexibility. This comes with a contoured hardwood handle with a hook on the end for increased leverage and control.

The curved blade puts the power into what you're cutting, saving time and effort. The hard chrome plating will resist rust and keep the blade sharper longer. This is one of the most popular pruning tools sold.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lbs

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