Independent Temperature and Humidity Controller

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This controller features independent outlets for controlling temperature and humidity. If temperature limits are exceeded only the temperature outlet will be activated.

Independent Temperature and Humidity Controller


Controls both humidity and temperature with separate outlets




  • Independent outlets for temperature and humidity
  • Allows for use of an air conditioner, fan or blower at the same time as a dehumidifier
  • This provides smart climate control and precise adjustments
  • Saves on energy only running the appliance that is needed
  • With individual knobs for humidity and temperature
  • Comes with a temperature probe and humidity measurement
  • Rated for 15 amps at 120 volts
  • 3 year warranty

This climate controller is designed to control both a temperature adjusting device and a humidity adjusting device. These can be fans, blowers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other cooling systems.


It features two independent outlets, one controlled by the user set temperature knob and one controlled by the user set humidity knob. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the limit set by the knob then that outlet will be activated and the specific parameter will be addressed. This is a great way to save energy as it only activates the device needed at the time.


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