Soil and Plant Chemical Testing

Soil_Lab_WomenOur LaMotte soil and plant tissue test kits now allow you to conduct the exact same analytical tests that the soil laboratories do. Conducting your own tests allow you to quickly diagnose your growing conditions and also reduces the chance of errors due to being unable to carry out your tests immediately. Getting a profile of your soil nutrient levels allows to make more economical fertilizer decisions as well as correcting depletions and excesses thus leading to better quality produce and higher more profitable yields. Conducting your own tests also save you processing time and increase the reliability of the results as you can use fresh soil samples as microbial action will skew the results of soil not tested immediately. Also multiple point soil testing around your field allows for a more complete profile of your field meaning 100's of samples costing $1000's at a soil lab. Thus, conducting your own tests will be faster, more accurate, cheaper and you can be assured that proper testing procedures are followed and that your samples are fresh and the results are accurate.

The LaMotte company has been a leader in soil and plant tissue testing since 1919 and have evolved their test kits to keep up with the latest university accredited testing methods and procedures. These same chemicals and testing procedures are used at trusted soil labs all across the USA and are used and endorsed by many of the top agronomy schools such as Cornell University and the University of Maine.

Soil Testing Chemicals