Air Quality and Gas Testers

ea80dataSMALLAir quality is simply defined as the pollutant concentration of the air. A myriad of elements can make air toxic to human life and testing for these can improve health and even save lives. Some important gasses which lead to reduced air quality are Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Radon (Rn) and many combustible gasses.

Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas can be dangerous in very small concentrations. 50ppm is the OSHA limit for working conditions while 667ppm is enough to cause seizure, coma and death. It simply keeps oxygen from being absorbed by the body which can quickly have adverse effects. This gas is very easily detected and is slightly lighter than air so will dissipate very quickly. The leading producers of carbon monoxide gas are cars without catalytic converters and home furnaces.

Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is found naturally in the atmosphere at about 0.036% (360ppm) content at sea level. It is recommended that healthy adults should avoid more than 5,000ppm (0.5%) each day. While concentrations over 4% are immediately detrimental to human health. Symptoms of high levels of carbon dioxide exposure include drowsiness, elevated pulse rate, loss of hearing, confusion, dizziness, panic attacks, loss of consciousness and eventually death. Carbon dioxide is produced in high quantities by combustion as carbon and oxygen come together. It is also produced in large quantities by living animals especially humans.


Radon (Rn) is a noble gas that is slightly radioactive and found throughout the earth. As it decays it releases a toxic gas that often times seeps up through foundations and into houses where it can accumulate to dangerous levels. It is lighter than air and very common. Radon exposure has been linked to cancer in prolonged exposures. People who smoke have a higher risk of radon effects and are thought to get cancer as a direct result. Radon is also easy to test for and well ventilated houses rarely have problems.

Combustible Gasses:

Combustible gasses can be dangerous in multiple ways including explosions, burns and inhalation effects. Testing for combustible gasses is important in industrial applications as well as for residential use. Propane or natural gas powered grills, stoves, ovens and heaters can all develop leaks and can build up to dangerous levels. Testing for these leaks is easy with the right tools and can be traced back to the leak itself.

Air Quality and Gas Testers

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Autopilot Desktop Carbon Dioxide Monitor

This carbon dioxide monitor has individual displays for CO2, ambient air temperature and relative humidity. It has a data logging function for 48 readings over 24 hours.
Sales price: $131.99

Extech Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor - CO100

This instrument monitors and displays the CO2 content of the air, the air temperature, humidity and overall air quality. Great for offices, homes, warehouses, barns and greenhouses.
Sales price: $229.99
SKU: CO100

Extech Carbon Monoxide CO Meter – CO10

This carbon monoxide meter is great for testing all levels of CO that are no harmful and far past the danger level. This meter has an audible alarm when CO levels become potentially dangerous.
Sales price: $249.99

Extech Desktop Air Quality CO2 Monitor - CO200

This instrument monitors and displays the CO2 content of the air, the air temperature, humidity and overall air quality. With audible and visual alarms and relay output for ventilation.
Sales price: $269.99
SKU: CO200

Extech Desktop Air Quality CO2 Data Logger - CO210

This instrument monitors and displays the CO2 content of the air, the air temperature, humidity and overall air quality. With data logging capabilities to record and download data to a PC.
Sales price: $299.99
SKU: CO210

Extech Portable Indoor Air Quality CO2 Meter – CO250

This air quality and CO2 meter is portable with the ability to measure CO2 from 0 to 5,000ppm. It also measures temperature, humidity, wet bulb and dew point. Portable one handed operation.
Sales price: $399.99
SKU: CO250

Extech CO2 Humidity Temperature Data Logger – SD800

This meter records readings of CO2, Humidity and Temperature while simultaneously displaying them on a triple LCD screen. Records on an SD card for easy transfer of data to a PC.
Sales price: $409.99
SKU: SD800

Extech Indoor Air Quality CO2 Data Logger – EA80

The indoor air quality CO2 data logger measures CO2, temperature, humidity, dew point and wet bulb. Great for monitoring areas like greenhouses, barns, offices, schools and hospitals.
Sales price: $789.00